Inside you, there are parts frozen in time - either holding traumatic memories, or protecting you so you don't have to repeat them.

That protection is sometimes difficult for us and on the surface can be confusing - it can look like:

  • Hypervigilence - always being 'on guard' or preparing for bad things to happen
  • Staying busy - overworking to avoid having to sit still and feel
  • People-pleasing and caretaking, ignoring your own needs
  • Procrastinating - with exciting projects or simple, daily tasks
  • Inner critical voice - never feeing good enough, constant comparison to others
  • Physical symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, chest pain - protective parts can use the body to get your attention
  • Food difficulties - overeating, restricting, obsessing about choices, binging, purging
  • Addictive behaviors - to distract from or numb pain using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping
  • Attracting the same intimate partners that feel unhealthy for you
  • ...and so many more

You can't think or analyze your way through difficult emotions and behaviors - and, simply being aware of the connection between your wounds and the symptoms you're having today does not heal them. 

Here, YOU are the active participant in your healing. Together, we will access who you really are at your core...that place inside you beyond thinking, that is present as the big blue sky when the clouds part. It is that loving and compassionate essence of you that all your burdened parts need. 


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