I Get It - You're Tired!

Painful moments from your past are impacting you in ways that have led you to believe you're broken - physically and mentally.

You're not.

You went through some scary things, and you learned ways to cope. Whether you know it yet or not, those parts of you that may be anxious, or depressed, or angry, or numbed out - they're brilliantly adaptive and trying to protect you from further harm. They're getting your attention through your physical body. You don't need a stronger will, a different mindset, or more judgment. 

What if you already had what you need to heal? I promise, you DO! At your core lies compassion, calm, curiosity, and courage - it's your natural state. Learning to access this Truth gets us unstuck and builds resilience, trust, and connection inside. And, you could do this alone, but you don't have to. All parts of you are welcome here.

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Let's Heal Together.

Access to holistic health care shouldn't be financially out of reach for anyone. The Compassion Collective is a community platform offering affordable group sessions and a trauma-informed, compassionate container for healing. (Includes a free trial and 56-page workbook!)


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An individual experience to gently guide you to meet wounded and distressed parts of you that are at the root of your physical and mental health challenges. 

"Show me all the parts of you that you do not love, so I know where to begin."

Hi! I'm Mary Alexander, a Doctor of Naturopathy, coach, and emotional health practitioner. Here, my clients heal their emotional wounds which manifest in the body as pain and dis-ease. They learn to live an empowered life of presence and purpose. In this compassionate container, you’ll learn to love all of you, without condition. 

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